Part Two: The Future

With the Premier League currently downing tools in favour of international fixtures, 343everton saw this as the perfect time to sit down with a true Blue to get their perspective on what has been an undefeated and fairly positive start for Marco Silva’s men.

Part one of the interview saw Ian Croll, lifelong supporter and View From The Gwladys Street host, discuss transfers, a Brazilian sensation, and zonal marking. Part two focuses on the future of the Silva/Brands era and what us Blues should be hoping for.

“Optimism was high on Silva’s arrival and was heightened even more so with our deadline day exploits,” said Ian. “We have every reason to be optimistic but recent results have probably kept Blues in check.

“Six points out of a possible 12 is probably lower than expected, but we can’t judge anything after four league encounters and one cup game.”

The squad was a cause for concern that Marco Silva and Marcel Brands have worked hard to try and alleviate. Additions have excited fans, while departures have largely been met with relief. But another transfer window will be upon us in four months. Do we need further improvements Ian?

“We do need to strengthen,” he admits. “Whether that’s January or next Summer will be down to Brands and Silva.

“Standout positions for me would be a striker and a right-back. As the season progresses I would fully expect weakened areas to become more apparent. Until then, Silva must work with what he has at his disposal to achieve maximum points and performance.”

But a new era requires patience, as Ian explains:

“This isn’t a quick fix and it will take time and our fans must be patient. It will take an almighty effort to break into the top six, and I would consider anything below 8th a failure.

“The most important thing is silverware,” he continues. “The saying of a ‘good cup run’ just doesn’t cut it any more. We need a trophy! And if Silva achieves that, he will be  an immediate legend.

By John Howard


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