About Us

What is 343Futbol?

343Futbol is a newly established platform that focuses on creating fresh, concise, football-related content for fans worldwide.

All of our pieces consist of less than 343 words each. This ensures our articles are short, while remaining informative, interesting and high-quality.

Inspired by the work of those at Copa90, Tifo Football and others, 343Futbol is created by fans, for the fans.

Here at 343Futbol, we feel that the mainstream world of football media is stagnant and repetitive, and we aim to change this through our unique approach to article writing.

343Futbol content:

Premier League:

Over 50 writers covering every Premier League club for the duration of the 2018/19 season. Our team will produce a preview and review for every fixture as well as other related pieces.

The 32:

A temporary feature on our website that lasted for the duration of the 2018 World Cup. We provided a preview and review for every fixture, from the perspective of both nations, as well as a variety of other tournament related articles.

In Focus:

‘In Focus’ brings you player profiles, performance reviews, and comparisons of your favourite footballers.

Social Scout:

‘Social Scout’ reports on the activity of football clubs and footballers across social media. Social media is key in the modern game, and we present the football media highlights from Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Write for us:

We are always looking for talented, enthusastic writers to contrubute to our recently established site. If you are interested in writing for 343Futbol, regardless of experience, DM us on Twitter @343Futbol. We are particularly welcoming to those studying Sports Journalism at university, or those who are hoping to study this degree in the future.

Forza Futbol.

Articles for 343Opinion, In Focus, and The32 must all consist of less than 343 words in order to be published. The 343 word limit is judged according to WordPress, and therefore does not attribute numbers to the total word count.